Victory to Standing Rock!


An incredible victory! Yesterday the U.S army corps of engineers announced that it would not grant the final permit for the Dakota Access Pipeline! An environmental review  will instead be conducted and alternative routes explored that do not pass under the Missouri river.

As far as I’m concerned the victory will not be complete until the pipeline is stopped in its entirety.

For now though I feel it’s important to mark an incredible moment for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I am just brimming with joy and gratefulness to them for the bravery and sacrifice they have made for the future of every person on this earth. I really can’t thank them enough.


This victory has given us something infinitely valuable. Hope.

This could be the turning point for the environmental movement and anyone taking on the the might of corporations trying to ride roughshod over communities rights to a sustainable and dignified future.

It shows what solidarity and an unshakeable belief in human rights can achieve no matter how humble its origins, no matter how powerful its foe. The Dakota Access Pipeline project is a multi-billion dollar project that has had the backing of a ruthless and violent state police department that has been trying for months now to break the will and bodies of the protesters at the prayer camps. Protesters who initially had nowhere near the kind of resources and powerful friends that the Dakota Access Pipeline project has. By standing firm and reaching out to an international community they have managed to score this most remarkable of victories. This shows that there is no end to what we can achieve when we stand together!



Climate change therapy

I have started this blog to help myself deal with the fears and worries I have about climate change. My aim is to write regular posts about climate change and about my experiences as an activist and person living in a world dealing with the reality of climate change. My hope is that this process will help me deal with the difficult feelings I have, and in turn inspire me to embrace the challenges we all face with enthusiasm and hope for the future of our planet and future generations. I’m also  reaching out to all of you who share my concerns and haven’t given up hope on stabilising our climate. By creating community and building solidarity we can better face up to the challenge of climate change and inspire each other to create a better future based on respect, solidarity, fairness and harmony with each other and our environment.

For a more in depth idea of what Climate change therapy is about I recommend this post.