Everyday activism

Hello everyone. It’s been far too long since my last post. There are a number of reasons for this, not least of all getting married in the autumn. Another reason is that it was really difficult to keep up writing extensive thought pieces every week. I have therefore decided to try posting more shorter pieces, observations and thoughts to keep the blog active and updated. I plan on writing longer pieces too from time to time but not with the same frequency as before as this is just not sustainable, and sustainability is what this blog is all about!

I thought I would start this then by sharing something very inspiring that happened to me on the way home from work today. I was stopped by two school girls who asked me if I would like to support a campaign against oil pollution in Nigeria. The girls were very informed about the problems and told me about the unethical and polluting practice of “flaring” ( simply burning excess gas from mining rather than disposing of it properly) that the oil companies engage in there. This has devastated local fishing and agriculture in the area and brought about mass poverty. It also unnecessarily adds large amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere. They told me about the lack of accountability of oil companies there and how the Norwegian state owned Statoil are invested in the region.

They sold me two tasty looking pieces of chocolate cake they had baked for just 40kr! The money goes to an organisation called Operasjon Dagsverk that raises awareness about the issue and donates money to community projects in Nigeria. I felt afterwards I maybe should have given them more. I may go on to the website to do that afterwards. You can too! Or simply find out more. Here is the link. There is also a page in English.

I thought this was an inspiring example of how everyday activism can make a difference. It really brightened my day.

Operasjon Dagsverk

P.S To help keep the blog active I would like to invite people to contribute to it! This can be anything from writing a piece to sharing an article or observation. The inspiration for this blog was to encourage participation in any form. So everything is welcome. Send contributions to the Facebook page or my E-mail address joachim.huby@gmail.com.





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