From depression to inspiration


I have to confess I have been getting pretty depressed about Trump. This is probably why you haven’t seen so many posts from me lately. The first few weeks of his presidency have offered no surprises given his election campaign. It is nevertheless that much more shocking when his promises actually become reality. Silencing critics and imposing gagging orders on scientists . Persecuting and scapegoating minorities. This is all too  worryingly familiar. The parallels between the U.S today and Europe in the 30’s are very concerning indeed.

The rules have changed and the urgency for a fightback has become even more acute. This is no time to get despondent. Quite the opposite in fact.

With this in mind I went to a demonstration outside the Norwegian parliament in Oslo, protesting Trump’s travel ban and pressuring Norwegian politicians to condemn it. It was probably the best attended demo I have been to outside the Norwegian parliament since I have moved here. Impressive given that it was only organised on 48 hours notice. The speeches at the demo focused primarily on the travel ban but included a whole range of issues like the environment, the need to protect independent science, the rights of all minorities and the right for everyone to have a critical voice in the public discourse. All of these issues got large cheers from the crowd. It made me think that if there is anything positive to take from Trump’s presidency it is that he may be organising and unifying forces against him that have previously never worked together or seen the need to. Suddenly the environmental movement, the movement for racial equality and the feminist movement have a focal point and a critical need to form new ties and reach out to new people.

I was therefore very pleased to find this article a few days later from The article expresses the need for environmentalists to work more closely with other movements that are fighting for social justice. There is a consistency in what they are fighting for and who they are fighting against it argues. I couldn’t agree more. We are all fighting for a planet that we can live on in dignity and in harmony with ourselves and our environment. A world that offers peace and prosperity for everyone and not the few, not just for the people of today but for the coming generations.

I haven’t given up hope on creating that world and I am excited about the possibilities that new allegiances can bring to this effort.



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